Extra-Curricular Programming

Children have opportunities to enrich their knowledge and enhance their developmental skills through specialized learning periods each day. 

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French Program (Infant to Preschool) 

Bonjour! Did you know that French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world? Children begin to recognize and understand language from early infancy.  The Early Childhood Academy has developed a curriculum that will allow children to learn the foundation of the French language including understanding the basics and early concepts through songs, stories and interactive learning opportunities.

Music Program (Infant to Preschool) 

Children will begin to learn the foundation of music education with a leading curriculum that engages children through songs and movements while beginning to recognize different rhythms and explore various musical instruments. 

Library Program (Infant to Preschool) 

The Early Childhood Academy believes the foundation of all learning stems from strong reading and writing skills. Research has proven the importance of early literacy in children from birth to six years of age. The Library Program was designed to allow children the opportunity to explore early literacy from infancy to preschool as it builds the foundation for all learning. Each classroom is equipped with a library area with age appropriate early literacy materials. Children are encouraged throughout the day to explore this area. On a weekly basis, children will have the opportunity to choose a book of their choice to bring home to share with their family. 

Learning Without Tears Program (Preschool) 

The Learning Without Tears® Program; Get Set for School helps prepare children for their transition to kindergarden. 

Why it Works!

The Learning Without Tears® Get Set for School, Early Learning Curriculum has been developed from years of proven research. The program recognizes that every child learns differently and has integrated various tools and materials that address all styles of learning.